Transforming a new apparel company into $1,000 a day in sales within 6 weeks of launch
Case Study 


This project aimed to assist a newly established apparel company in setting up its Seller Central storefront on Amazon, allowing them to sell directly to consumers. The company aimed to regain control over its brand, pricing, and listing content while maximizing their sales potential in a competitive market.


We embarked on a comprehensive strategy to achieve the client’s objectives:

1. Internal Audit for Focus: With over 400 active SKUs, the company needed to prioritize its efforts. We performed an internal audit to identify the top-performing products based on historical data. We focused on the 20% of SKUs contributing to 80% of their retail sales. This allowed us to allocate resources more effectively.

2. Listing Optimization: Leveraging our expertise in e-commerce, we executed a multi-faceted listing optimization strategy. This included refining images to showcase products in their best light, enhancing SEO elements in titles, bullet points, and backend search terms for improved discoverability, and creating compelling A+ content and brand stories to engage customers emotionally.

3. Troubleshooting and Variations: We provided support in troubleshooting any issues with existing listings and made sure that each product was presented accurately and consistently. We also worked on re-variating listings for different sizes and colors, offering customers a wider range of options while streamlining the buying process.


The implementation of our solution yielded remarkable outcomes for the apparel company:

– Rapid Sales Growth: Within just 6 weeks of launching their Seller Central storefront, the brand achieved extraordinary results. The company’s monthly sales escalated to over $30,000, exceeding their initial expectations.

*Rapid Sales Growth

– Profitability in Launch Phase: One of the most significant achievements of this project was the brand’s ability to attain profitability during the launch phase. This was a key milestone as startups often experience initial investment outflows before turning profitable.

– Control and Brand Enhancement: By regaining control on Amazon, the company managed to safeguard its brand image, pricing strategies, and listing content. This not only improved their customer perception but also enabled them to curate a consistent and compelling brand story.


This case study exemplifies how a well-executed strategy, combined with meticulous attention to detail, can drive rapid growth and profitability for a new apparel company. Through strategic prioritization, meticulous optimization, and problem-solving, we propelled the brand to achieve $1,000 in daily sales within a remarkably short time frame. The partnership showcased the potential of data-driven decisions and holistic e-commerce solutions in achieving outstanding business outcomes.