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    PPC can be both time consuming and expensive if you don’t stay on top of your campaigns. With years of experience of manually optimizing ad bids, we  can help you save money and grow your Amazon business with effective PPC advertising.

    How does it work?

    Our Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) services can help you navigate the competitive and complex Amazon ads space. Whether you’re launching a new product or looking to grow an existing one, we’ll build pay-per-click campaigns to help you scale.

    We manage and analyze PPC campaign data to implement effective strategies that drive increased and profitable sales. We monitor over 500+ active PPC campaigns on different Amazon marketplaces daily, perform extensive keyword research, and optimize each campaign manually to ensure we understand what’s happening and how we can improve performance.

    Sponsored Products Campaigns - Waltsco Canada

    Sponsored Products

    These cost-per-click ads appear in highly visible placements on Amazon and can be targeted using keywords or product attributes. We control spending and measure ad performance.

    Sponsored Brands Campaigns - Waltsco Canada

    Sponsored Brands

    These ads help drive brand awareness and discovery and can appear in relevant Amazon shopping results. We can use logos, lifestyle imagery, and videos to engage new customers and showcase products.

    Sponsored Display Campaigns - Waltsco Canada

    Sponsored Display

    These ads promote your business to relevant audiences on and off Amazon, helping you increase consideration and complete sales on the platform.

    Auto Campaigns - Waltsco Canada

    Auto Campaigns

    These campaigns use automatic targeting methods to reach potential customers, making them a great choice for keyword discovery and staying updated on market demand.

    Manual Campaigns - Waltsco Canada

    Manual Campaigns

    These campaigns allow us to target specific keywords and audiences, giving us more control over ad placement and performance.

    Product Display Ads Campaigns - Waltsco Canada

    Product Display Ads

    These ads promote specific products


    PPC services for Amazon refer to Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns that help sellers increase visibility and drive sales on the platform. PPC campaigns can be targeted to specific keywords, product categories, and target audiences to reach the right shoppers at the right time.

    PPC services can help you grow your business on Amazon by increasing visibility for your products, attracting more shoppers to your listings, and driving more sales. By targeting the right keywords and audience, PPC campaigns can help you reach potential customers who are actively searching for products like yours.

    What are the different types of PPC campaigns available on Amazon?The different types of PPC campaigns available on Amazon include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. Each type of campaign has its own unique features and targeting options, and an Amazon agency can help you determine which type is best for your business.

    The cost of running a PPC campaign on Amazon varies depending on the type of campaign, keywords, and target audience. PPC campaigns are typically charged on a pay-per-click basis, so you only pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. An Amazon agency can help you determine the budget that's right for your business and set up campaigns that deliver the best ROI.

    When choosing an Amazon agency for your PPC needs, it's important to consider their experience and track record with PPC campaigns, their expertise in your specific niche, their understanding of Amazon's algorithms and policies, and their ability to deliver results. You should also look for an agency with a transparent process, good communication, and a commitment to ongoing optimization and improvement. At Waltsco, we take into consideration your budget and overall goal, and work with you to optimize your PPC campaigns to achieve your desired ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) targets.

    What people are saying about us

    Great service and results –

    I recently had the pleasure of working with this bussiness to help me sell on Amazon and let me tell you , they were super professional.
    From the beginning consultation to the final stages of launching my product, Steve was super helpful and addressed all of my concens. I would defintely recommend this bussiness to anyone lookin to sell on Amazon – they really know their stuff and are a joy to work with.

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    Shawn, About Us - Waltsco Canada

    Steve has deep knowldge in Amazon and is a leading Canadian FBA expert. I have personally worked with Steve for nearly 2 years and it’s a delight.

    Steven Pope, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    Steven Pope

    We hired Waltsco to optimize our listings which dramatically helped our conversions and sales. Loved working with Steve, would highly recommend

    Luke Pignataro

    Steve was awesome to work with. We hired him to create and manage our listing from scratch. We have a complex catalog, and he did a great job learning our needs and expectations. We are still partners and would highly suggest to anyone

    Own Your Elegance OYE, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    Own Your Elegance OYE

    Our company contacted Waltsco for help with our catalog. Steve was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and helped us optimize our listings. Very professional.

    M Mackay, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    M Mackay

    BTW, we really like working with your team, Sean is great to deal with!

    Jean-Felix - Sporting Goods Brand Owner
    Jean-Felix - Sporting Goods Brand Owner

    We really love working with you guys, as you’re ok with our pace, and we love that you keep our bottom line at heart! Thanks again for the long haul!

    Michael - Pet Products Brand Owner

    We have been very pleased with the growth we have seen in our Amazon Canada business since working with Steve and Waltsco. For years, we had trouble getting the business up and running, but with Steve’s expertise of the Canadian market, great communication skills, and overall Amazon acumen, we have seen the business more than quadruple in our first year! We couldn’t recommend working with Waltsco enough.

    Adam - Home & Kitchen Brand Owner

    Hi Steve, I tried to manage Amazon myself but lack of experience in advertising was a big problem. If I stuck in place with what I had I would not have the levels of orders and would have probably gave up, you guys are great!

    Chris - Apparel Brand Owner