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    To be successful on Amazon, your brand needs great images and design to stand out. This is especially important because people make buying decisions on both mobile and desktop platforms. With our lead graphic designer, you’ll get stunning designs that will catch the eye of consumers and increase conversions. We’ll help you create a brand store, gallery images, A+ content, and brand story where customers can easily find all your products and learn about your brand story.

    How does it work?

    We were taught not to judge a book by its cover, but this doesn’t apply in the Amazon space. It’s more important than ever for your brand’s success to have top-notch images and design to stand out from the competition. Amazon’s mobile session data shows us how buying decisions are made on mobile and desktop platforms. Based on our experience, it’s crucial for your design to be excellent, from your main image to lifestyle shots and A+ content, in order to solidify the sale.

    A+ Content:

    Enhance your brand’s visibility by showcasing it through A+ content. Designing and optimizing top-notch enhanced brand content can catch the eye of the consumer, add credibility to your brand, and increase conversion rates. With Waltsco, you’ll have access to our lead graphic designer, who will examine your brand and product features to create stunning graphics that set you apart from the competition.

    A+ Content - Waltsco Canada
    Enhance Brand’s Visibility Through A+ Content - Waltsco Canada

    Brand Story:

    The brand story is a newer feature from Amazon that works well with your A+ design. Showcase why your brand is superior to your competition, highlight your business’s core values, and link your product pages within the built-in modules.

    Brand Store:

    With access to your brand registry, you’ll be able to design your own personalized brand store. Although this is the most time-consuming design piece to create, it provides great rewards in terms of conversion and brand defense. Showcase all of your brand’s products in a customized design storefront, where consumers can navigate with a simple click.

    Design Your Own Personalized Brand Store - Waltsco Canada
    Design Your Own Personalized Brand Store - Waltsco Canada


    Design helps your brand stand out and attract customers. Great images and design increases conversions, especially on mobile where quick buying decisions are made based on main images.

    Design creates a memorable brand image and differentiates products from competitors, leading to increased visibility and sales. Effective design improves perceived value and drives more conversions.

    Consider target audience, competition, image quality, A+ content and brand story, and overall presentation.

    An Amazon agency provides expert advice, market research, and high-quality design assets to meet Amazon's requirements and stand out from competitors. With a lead graphic designer, stunning designs will drive conversions.

    The process includes initial consultation, market research, design iterations, review and approval, and implementation on Amazon. Work with an experienced agency that understands Amazon's policies and has a track record of success.

    What people are saying about us

    Great service and results –

    I recently had the pleasure of working with this bussiness to help me sell on Amazon and let me tell you , they were super professional.
    From the beginning consultation to the final stages of launching my product, Steve was super helpful and addressed all of my concens. I would defintely recommend this bussiness to anyone lookin to sell on Amazon – they really know their stuff and are a joy to work with.

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    Shawn, About Us - Waltsco Canada

    Steve has deep knowldge in Amazon and is a leading Canadian FBA expert. I have personally worked with Steve for nearly 2 years and it’s a delight.

    Steven Pope, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    Steven Pope

    We hired Waltsco to optimize our listings which dramatically helped our conversions and sales. Loved working with Steve, would highly recommend

    Luke Pignataro

    Steve was awesome to work with. We hired him to create and manage our listing from scratch. We have a complex catalog, and he did a great job learning our needs and expectations. We are still partners and would highly suggest to anyone

    Own Your Elegance OYE, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    Own Your Elegance OYE

    Our company contacted Waltsco for help with our catalog. Steve was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and helped us optimize our listings. Very professional.

    M Mackay, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    M Mackay

    BTW, we really like working with your team, Sean is great to deal with!

    Jean-Felix - Sporting Goods Brand Owner
    Jean-Felix - Sporting Goods Brand Owner

    We really love working with you guys, as you’re ok with our pace, and we love that you keep our bottom line at heart! Thanks again for the long haul!

    Michael - Pet Products Brand Owner

    We have been very pleased with the growth we have seen in our Amazon Canada business since working with Steve and Waltsco. For years, we had trouble getting the business up and running, but with Steve’s expertise of the Canadian market, great communication skills, and overall Amazon acumen, we have seen the business more than quadruple in our first year! We couldn’t recommend working with Waltsco enough.

    Adam - Home & Kitchen Brand Owner

    Hi Steve, I tried to manage Amazon myself but lack of experience in advertising was a big problem. If I stuck in place with what I had I would not have the levels of orders and would have probably gave up, you guys are great!

    Chris - Apparel Brand Owner