No, we cannot guarantee specific sales growth figures as results may vary.

Our pricing is tailored to each individual client and is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach.

While we typically request a commitment for the first 90 days, customers are free to walk away at any time if they feel they are not receiving value. We do not have long-term contracts.

We have experience and clients in all categories, with an enhanced background in sporting goods & outdoors, Home & Kitchen categories.

Yes, we can handle account suspensions, but it is a complex process. We will work with clients to do our best to solve these issues and it is priced accordingly.

Yes, we require clients to be enrolled in brand registry. If you do not have a trademark, we can provide that service and have you enrolled within a week.

You will work directly with the founder, Steve Walters, and will not be passed onto a brand manager.

Onboarding is seamless with easy-to-follow SOPs and instructions, allowing services to begin immediately.

Communication is one of our core values, and you can expect replies within 24 hours during weekdays. The cadence of communication from our end is typically heavier at the beginning periods of a partnership, but this is established during the onboarding urvery to your preference.

We establish clear goals and expectations during our onboarding survey, which allows us to understand your ad budgets and sales figures. We will look at historical sales figures and benchmarks within your niche to forecast an outlook for your brand.

Yes, we offer coaching services on a monthly basis and custom packages. Contact us at to inquire about our options.

At Waltsco, we prioritize transparency and value for both parties. Our success is tied to your success, and we believe in growing together.