Power of Listing Optimization
Case Study


As an experienced Amazon consultant, Waltsco was approached by a leading brand in the Home & Kitchen category in late December 2021, with the goal of auditing their Amazon audit so they could start the new fiscal year in January with an “optimized” account. The brand had a catalog of 18 SKUs and had struggled to establish a cohesive Amazon strategy and increase their revenue. There was no clear direction or idea of what the advertising dollars were going towards, but knew they were investing heavily in a variety of campaigns.

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Services Implemented:

To address the client’s challenges, we conducted a comprehensive account audit, analyzing their current listings, ads, and competition. We then implemented a number of best practices and Amazon-specific strategies, including:

  • Reducing ad spend in underperforming campaigns and re-organizing the remaining campaigns into portfolios, segmenting them into 5-10 keywords per campaign.
  • Isolating highly profitable keywords into hero campaigns and introducing brand and display sponsored ads, along with defensive asin targeting.
  • Optimizing the listings, focusing on everything from main image and gallery shots to titles, bullets, and A+ content.
  • Addressing any hidden suppressions from main image compliance issues.

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The client was facing a number of challenges, including high ad spend, compliance issues with their main images and a lack of a cohesive Amazon strategy, which affected their sales. With a limited catalog, it was a challenging task to increase their revenue.

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The Approach:

We focused on a data-driven and strategic approach, analyzing the current portfolio of ads and identifying areas of improvement. We then implemented a number of best practices and Amazon-specific strategies to increase visibility, drive targeted traffic to their products, and address compliance issues.

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Our efforts paid off, and we saw an immediate impact on the client’s sales after a week of implementing the priority tasks. This resulted in 177% increase in revenue with a 3x increase on units ordered while cutting the ACoS in half and putting their TACoS at a healthy and sustainable 12.90%.


This case study showcases the importance of optimizing a listing, which includes potentially changing your main image and redoing your entire copy within the bullets and title.. Our data-driven and strategic approach, along with our ability to implement best practices and Amazon-specific strategies, allowed us to turn the client’s sales around in a short period of time and put them on the right path for the remainder of the year.