Launch & Grow
Sporting Goods Case Study


We were approached by a Sporting Good brand to launch and manage their products on Amazon. The brand was facing several challenges, such as misrepresentation of their products, pricing issues, and unauthorized resellers. Our goal was to help the brand gain control and establish a strong presence on Amazon, in order to create an additional revenue stream. We optimized the current listings and expanded the catalog in order to tap into a niche market and better serve customers.

Solutions Implemented:

To achieve the brand’s goals, we implemented a number of solutions and strategies. First, we created a listing for the brand’s products, focusing on the most popular SKUs and rotating the remainder of the catalog for seasonality demands. Additionally, we worked to optimize the brand’s presence on Amazon by building A+ content modules, creating a brand story, and focusing on PPC to increase organic rank. We also ensured that SEO/copy was constantly being optimized by utilizing the brand’s analytic reports and our own software to squeeze every dollar for a conversion from the ad campaigns and help conversion and increase sales.


As a result of our efforts, the brand saw a significant increase in sales, hitting over CAD $900,000 in the first year. Our PPC campaigns were successful in driving targeted traffic to the brand’s listings, and the A+ content modules helped to showcase the brand’s best-selling products in a visually compelling way. Additionally, the brand’s IPI scores improved, and they were able to increase their storage capacity with Amazon, which allowed them to continue to grow their sales on the platform.


Our approach to launching this Sporting Good brand on Amazon was successful in achieving their goals. We were able to gain control of their pricing, build an additional revenue stream, and improve their overall presence on Amazon. The brand’s sales hit over $900,000 in the first year, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our solutions and strategies. We are excited to continue working with this brand and help them achieve even greater success on Amazon in the future.