From BSR 19,563 to 1,451 - How A Beauty Brand Optimized Their Catalog, Received Amazon Choice Badge & Quadrupled Sales in 3 Weeks!
Case Study 

Amazon's Choice


The case study delves into the transformation of a popular beauty brand that faced challenges due to unoptimized Amazon listings. Their product pages lacked essential elements like gallery images, clear main hero images, bullet points, and detailed product information. Additionally, the product titles were shortened, leading to the exclusion of valuable keywords.

Solutions Implemented:

The brand decided to take action to enhance its Amazon performance. Waltsco initiated a comprehensive catalog audit and optimization process, addressing design, copy, and back-end search terms. The following solutions were implemented:

Complete Catalog Audit: A thorough analysis of the brand’s product listings was conducted to identify areas of improvement.

Design and Copy Optimization: Waltsco re-designed their gallery images and main hero image, making them more appealing and professional.

Enhanced Product Information: Bullet points and detailed product information were added to provide customers with essential product details.

Title Optimization: The product titles were revised and expanded to include valuable keywords, enhancing discoverability.

A+ Content and Brand Story:  Waltsco created engaging A+ content and a compelling brand story to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Proper Variations Setup: Variations were set up correctly based on size and color, improving the shopping experience for customers.

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The efforts put into optimizing the Amazon listings yielded impressive results for the beauty brand:

BSR Improvement: The brand’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) improved drastically from 19,563 to an outstanding 1,451, signifying increased visibility and sales.

Amazon Choice Badge: Due to a significant increase in sales velocity and improved performance, the brand was awarded the prestigious Amazon Choice badge.

Quadrupled Sales: Within 3 weeks, the brand experienced a remarkable fourfold increase in sales.

Record Order Volume: The brand’s success translated into the highest order volume ever witnessed by its suppliers.

Positive Feedback: The brand received positive feedback from customers, and many of them restocked their products.

High Demand: The optimized listings attracted new requests from one-line sellers, demonstrating the brand’s growing popularity.


Through meticulous catalog optimization, the beauty brand achieved exceptional results on Amazon. By addressing the initial challenges and implementing various solutions, including a significant BSR jump, the brand not only received the coveted Amazon Choice badge but also witnessed a substantial surge in sales and customer demand. This case study exemplifies how strategic optimization and a customer-centric approach can lead to significant success in the highly competitive online marketplace.

Late April - BSR 19,693

Late April – BSR 19,693

May 8th - BSR 1,451

May 8th – BSR 1,451