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    We’ll produce a deep-dive report on your market and competition. Highlighting the keywords they are making sales, looking at advertising cost per click costs, and identifying any gaps.  By examining the sales, reviews, and prices we’ll help you find opportunities to improve and sell more.

    Competitor & Market Analysis - Waltsco Canada

    If you’re tired of spending hours studying and analyzing your competitors, our streamlined process has you covered. Our team at Waltsco can help you identify the market standards, customer pain points, preferences, and questions that will allow you to outperform your competitors and maximize opportunities for your products.

    By using a data-driven and data-focused optimization process, we can help you make your product stand out and become the customer’s first choice. Our team will identify key areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to help you make your product the best it can be.

    Don’t waste any more time trying to keep up with the competition. Let us help you get ahead and make your product a cut above the rest.

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    The deep-dive report covers market analysis, competition analysis, and keyword analysis to identify opportunities for growth.

    By examining sales, reviews, and prices, the report helps you identify opportunities to improve and increase your sales on Amazon.

    You will receive information on market trends, competitor analysis, and keyword analysis, including the keywords that are driving sales for your competition.

    The report identifies areas where you can improve your Amazon strategy by highlighting any gaps in your market or competition.

    The report will be delivered in a detailed and easy-to-understand format, providing actionable insights to help you grow your business on Amazon.

    What people are saying about us

    Great service and results –

    I recently had the pleasure of working with this bussiness to help me sell on Amazon and let me tell you , they were super professional.
    From the beginning consultation to the final stages of launching my product, Steve was super helpful and addressed all of my concens. I would defintely recommend this bussiness to anyone lookin to sell on Amazon – they really know their stuff and are a joy to work with.

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    Shawn, About Us - Waltsco Canada

    Steve has deep knowldge in Amazon and is a leading Canadian FBA expert. I have personally worked with Steve for nearly 2 years and it’s a delight.

    Steven Pope, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    Steven Pope

    We hired Waltsco to optimize our listings which dramatically helped our conversions and sales. Loved working with Steve, would highly recommend

    Luke Pignataro

    Steve was awesome to work with. We hired him to create and manage our listing from scratch. We have a complex catalog, and he did a great job learning our needs and expectations. We are still partners and would highly suggest to anyone

    Own Your Elegance OYE, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    Own Your Elegance OYE

    Our company contacted Waltsco for help with our catalog. Steve was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and helped us optimize our listings. Very professional.

    M Mackay, About Us - Waltsco Canada
    M Mackay

    BTW, we really like working with your team, Sean is great to deal with!

    Jean-Felix - Sporting Goods Brand Owner
    Jean-Felix - Sporting Goods Brand Owner

    We really love working with you guys, as you’re ok with our pace, and we love that you keep our bottom line at heart! Thanks again for the long haul!

    Michael - Pet Products Brand Owner

    We have been very pleased with the growth we have seen in our Amazon Canada business since working with Steve and Waltsco. For years, we had trouble getting the business up and running, but with Steve’s expertise of the Canadian market, great communication skills, and overall Amazon acumen, we have seen the business more than quadruple in our first year! We couldn’t recommend working with Waltsco enough.

    Adam - Home & Kitchen Brand Owner

    Hi Steve, I tried to manage Amazon myself but lack of experience in advertising was a big problem. If I stuck in place with what I had I would not have the levels of orders and would have probably gave up, you guys are great!

    Chris - Apparel Brand Owner